Basic Rules 

  • Each game is 5 minutes 
  • Each player starts with a Badge.
  • The lights on the Badges flash ON and OFF.
  • You CAN STEAL badges when the lights are OFF!!
  • You CANNOT STEAL badges when the lights are ON!!
  • Your GOAL is to collect and retain the MOST BADGES!
  • If you lose all your badges you have 30 seconds to steal another one
  • Last 30 seconds, everyone returns to the field to play


Tag Team Rules


  • Each game is 5 minutes
  • Teams of 3 or 4 players
  • 1 player from each team start off on the sideline.
  • If you lose all your badges tag you are sidelined.
  • A team member with an extra badge(s) may tag a player back into play by giving them a badge.
  • If a team has no badges, all players may enter the field for 30 seconds to steal a badge before being out! As long as one player on the team gets a badge the team is in play.
  • Last 30 seconds, all players on the field to secure the most badges.
  • Team with most badges win! 

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