Firefly at Hide & Seek Sandpit

Published on June 24, 2012, by in public outing.

Firefly was run in the daylight at the Hide & Seek’s first sandpit of the summer on June 18th. It was a great venue at Southbank Centre in London, UK. The theme was performance. Firefly was played on the balcony. It was more full contact in the light of day that the in dark. The game was played in two versions: everyone man for themselves and tag team. We experimented with badges being on the front or on the back. In this situation, playing in teams with badges on the back was the most satisfying.

We had some excellent suggestions and feedback. The main feedback was some type of audio indicator as to whether a badge was take legally or not. A positive sounds for a proper steal and buzzer sounds for improper steal.

See the videos and pictures from the Hide & Seek Sandpit: See us play.

We will be running Firefly throughout the summer and look forward to playing with you. Check back on this site: come play or follow us on twitter @fireflygame as we continue to add more venues.


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